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Time to Buy?

Wether you're ready to sell or looking for answers, I'll guide you with data and expertise in your area.

As a dedicated professional, Sara is committed to providing unparalleled service to her clients. She believes in thoroughly explaining the home buying process, so that first-time home buyers can make informed decisions about one of the biggest purchases of their lives. Sara is transparent, working closely with the buyer as a teammate to navigate the transaction and ensure that all aspects of the process are clearly communicated.

Sara's expertise and commitment to her clients extends beyond just the transaction. She is a caring Realtor who understands that buying a home is more than just a financial transaction - it's an emotional journey. Her communication skills and attention to detail help ease the stress of the home buying process, ensuring that her clients feel comfortable and supported every step of the way.


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The Buying Process


Getting Pre- approved

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is an important step in the homebuying process. Not only does it help you determine your budget when shopping for a home, but it also gives you a stronger position when making an offer. With a pre-approval, you have already gone through the initial review process with a lender, which shows sellers that you are a serious and qualified buyer.


Touring Houses

Touring homes is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable aspects of the homebuying journey. However, it is essential to approach this process with a clear idea of your wants, needs, and must-haves. This way, you can make informed decisions and find the right property that meets your unique needs and preferences.


Submitting an offer and getting accepted

Throughout the negotiation process, we will work together to establish the terms of your offer, taking into account the property's value, market conditions, and your budget. I will leverage my expertise and local knowledge to help you craft a compelling offer that will get your foot in the door and increase the chances of it being accepted.

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